Neonatal Clinical Research in Nutrition

11 September 2023
20 September 2023
Clinical research in the neonatal population is challenging to perform. Neonates are a vulnerable population with unique ethical considerations, complicated management, higher morbidity and mortality, and rare disease presentations. Neonatal clinical research in nutrition is particularly important as a large proportion of neonates < 1500 g will require immediate parenteral nutrition due to intolerance of or contraindications for enteral feeding. Nutrition clinical research studies in the neonatal population are complicated by the complexity and variation of nutrition management strategies as well as smaller populations available to study. Additionally, relatively small sample sizes can make it difficult for neonatal studies in nutrition to be adequately powered to detect differences between study groups.
This virtual issue focuses on well performed nutrition research in the neonatal population published in the JPEN over the last 18 months. The aim of this virtual issue is to highlight the depth and breadth of research performed by a talented group of highly motivated investigators. JPEN is committed to publishing well-designed high-quality nutrition related clinical research studies performed in the neonatal population.
This Virtual Issue was prepared as part of ASPEN's Malnutrition Awareness Week

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